Prime Your Body for Change


Focus on your Hardware - your body's physical and neurological systems. By optimizing these fundamental elements, we empower you to regulate your nervous system, balance your hormone levels, and correct your stress response. All in an effort to prime your mind and body for transformation.

Hardware Therapeutics

Medical Program

Unlock an individualized health roadmap that merges genetic testing and full blood panel analysis. Our practitioners analyze key biomarkers and your genetic makeup to create actionable improvements in your behaviors and lifestyle that leads to lasting vitality.

IV Infusions

Deliver nutrients directly into your bloodstream for unparalleled effectiveness and maximum bioavailability. Our IV Infusions are designed to ensure there’s a targeted solution for your health needs.

Contrast Therapy

Regulate your nervous system to achieve a higher level of healing in our cedar dry sauna and our thermoregulated cold plunges.

Lymphatic Drainage

Improve your body’s circulation and activate your natural lymphatic drainage in a suit that uses pressure and infrared heat.

Connect with our facilitator and learn where to start

Connect with our facilitator and learn where to start

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“I’m constantly looking for ways to optimize my health and balance my life. This is the perfect solution.”

Lauren Bodin

Kuya Member

"Kuya creates a true culture of health & wellness. One the combines spirituality and science, and recognizes that these two things are often one and the same.”

Eli Harper

Kuya Member

“Do you want to take a vacation without taking a vacation? Because I know the perfect place to do it. Kuya is a little slice of heaven that helps me recharge and reset in just a couple of hours.”

Danielle Gertner

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Holistic Healing Spaces

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Our spaces are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with nature, providing you with serene environments that foster your healing and personal growth. We believe that our physical surroundings play a vital role in the healing process, so we designed Kuya to for this purpose.

From our calming sensory deprivation tanks and integration rooms to our invigorating sauna and cold plunge areas, every corner is curated to support your journey to wellness.