Somatic Bodywork & Healing

Somatic Bodywork & Healing

Personalized Healing Rituals

Personalized Healing Rituals

Personalized Healing Rituals

with Aychele

with Aychele

with Aychele

Experience diverse techniques healing arts, chosen for your specific health challenges & goals. Aychele will use these soothing therapies to regulate your nervous system and enhance emotional & physical well-being.

Your Session Can Include

Your Session Can Include

Shiatsu Massage


Energy Clearing

Craniosacral Therapy

+ more…

+ more…

90 minute sessions for $225

90 minute sessions

for $225


About Aychele

Aychele Hill is a medicine woman, mama, ceremonialist, integrative healing arts practitioner and storyteller. 

Born and raised in Brazil, she has been studying and practicing healing arts for over two decades. She received Somatic Movement education from Ivaldo Bertazzo, a renowned Brazilian dancer, physiotherapist and choreographer. The practice of The Bertazzo Method is based in the anatomy and physiology of the movement, world dances and principles of motor coordination, allowing the practitioners to move in ways that increase their vitality, pleasure and unique expression.

Aychele carries wisdom from her indigenous roots and from her path as a student and practitioner of a comprehensive array of artistic and healing modalities learned from mentors in her home land, in Canada, France, Belgium and the US, including meditation, dance, poetry, herbalism, ancestral & shamanic healing, osteopathy and therapeutic massages. 

As a ceremonialist, she bridges ancient wisdom with science and arts, serving as a catalyst for empowering narratives that promote the healing of our relationship with self, others and nature. 

A poet and lover of nature, she shares her passion for plants, cyclical wisdom and the intelligence of living organisms in medicine ceremonies, classes and private healing sessions worldwide online and in person, in Austin, TX.

Certificates & Training

Bertazzo Method - School of Movement Reeducation: Apprenticed with Ivaldo Bertazzo and Monica Monteiro in Sāo Paulo, Brazil (1999 -2006)    

Language & Literature -  Universidade de São Paulo (2005-2007) 

      Université de Montréal (2007-2008)

Shiatsu - Institut Guijek Montréal (2009)

Reiki - Usui Reiki Level 1 (2010)

Swedish Massage - Institut Guijek Montréal (2010)

Myofascial Release -  Institut Kine-Concept Montréal (2011)

Osteodynamie - Institute CERA Montreal - Apprenticed from Thierry Dumont (2010 - 2015)

Muscular Chains GDS - APGDS - Apprenticed with Philippe Campignion and Bernard Valentin (2014 - 2015)

Western Herbalism - Académie Herboliste - Montréal (2014- 2016)

Ancestral Medicine - Apprenticed with Daniel Foor - online (2020)

Shamanic Herbalism - School of the Sacred Wild - Apprenticed with Marysia Miernowska - online (2021-2022)

Health Coaching - Institute of Integrative Nutrition - online (2023)



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