Introduction to Gestalt Work and Bio-Energetics

Feb 27, 2024

Developed in the 1940s, “gestalt” therapy is derived from a German word that means “whole” or “put together.”

This interactive workshop will provide a glimpse into Gestalt work, a unique therapy modality using present-moment awareness to access the feeling system. This work allows for the total self to be explored and discovered.

Gestalt Therapy teaches powerful bio-energetic tools that help with grounding and integration. Participants will get to experience first-hand how these techniques can cultivate inner spaciousness, group connection, and a deepened sense of self.

This event, led by Gestalt Coach, Joseph Mach, is great for practitioners wanting to broaden their skill set, as well as anyone curious about energetics and accessing the subconscious.

4401 Freidrich Lane #Unit 300 Austin, TX 78744